Some members already had experience in the entertainment industry, including Jun. K , who had won several singing competitions. Originally, the members of 2PM were part of a larger group known as One Day. A documentary called Hot Blood Men [4] captured the group’s training days. In this documentary, former member Jaebeom finished at the top spot and received the most fan votes. It also featured the elimination of three trainees from the group:

Nichkhun Tweets 2PM Fan Art

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2PM-I’m Your Man

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May 09,  · I think its jyps year and they will be on top since 15& love is madness, miss a only u, jyp whos your mama, sane and yerin b me u are all hits. 2pm with a strong fanbase and good digital to match can make them win, there latest song choice have been bad : Netizen Buzz.

Seat locations and the number of tickets awarded by the lottery are always subject to availability, and seating is at the discretion of the box office. Click here for details. Looking for day of show tickets? Even if the performance is sold out there may be tickets released just before show time. If tickets become available, they will start to be released two hours prior to the curtain for that performance.

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Dance Version of 2PM’s “I’m Your Man” MV Released Just two weeks after releasing the full music video of their second Japanese single, “ I’m Your Man,” 2PM has come back with the.

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2pm I M Your Man songs is presented for preview, use ring back tone to support them. 2pm I M Your Man is shown based on keyword relevancy. Music Menu ≡ Music Chart › UK Top Singles Chart › USA Top Singles Chart › Italy Top Singles Chart › Brazil Top Singles Chart › France Top Single Chart › Canada Top Singles Chart › German Top.

Anyway, I’m gonna share about their profile and a bit fact about them. Fact about 2PM and about 2AM members. May 1, Position: Vocalist as the one and only idol that has done his military service at the young age, everyone has noticed this powerful singer from ballad group 2AM. Changmin is also known for his skill to sing a Trot Korean old Pop song. Jay Park Date of Birth: April 25, Position: Leader, vocalist, rapper the leader of 2PM! Jaebeom came from Seattle, US. May 11, Position: Seulong can play piano just like Khun.

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2PM Lyrics Index Korean Studio Albums Korean Repackage Albums Korean EP’s Korean Singles Japanese Albums Japanese Singles CF’s JYP NATION OST Collaborations 2AM+2PM Oneday Junho Jun.K Taecyeon Wooyoung Korean Studio Albums [#1] PM Release Date: Tracklist: My Heart Heartbeat 기다리다 지친다 (Getting Tired of Waiting)

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2PM reveals dance version of “I’m Your Man” PV

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Fluent in Thai, English, and Korean. Still learning Chinese and Japanese Labels: The mother, Yenjit Horvejkul, is a Chinese descendant born in Thailand. Nichkhun has 3 siblings Older brother: Nichan Horvejkul Chan Younger sister: Nitikarn Horvejkul Yanin Youngest sister: Nutcharee Horvejkul Cherleen Website: At the age of 18 months old, he moved by to Thailand with his family. His old house used to be on Soi. He studied until Grade 4 at Thepkanchana School, Prannok district.

During those times, he always got awards on healthy teeth.

Certo (Sure-Jell) Drug Test Detox Method & Instructions

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Nichkhun(2PM) reveals “I’m not a prince.I’m just an ordinary guy who carefully do everything my best” @ the ECO car ‘Mitsubishi Mirage’ Opening On March 20, at PM Khun – Nichkhun Horvejkul form 2PM flew to Thailand as a new presenter of the lates ECO car (Mitsubishi Mirage) by Mitshubishi Motor (Thailand) They also allowed press to interview exclusively.

He was a taekwondo and gumdo champion. His cat is called Jeonggam. He has the most amount of ex-girlfriends. When he still had long hair, he was called an old granny in 2pm. Chansung is the most strong drinker in the group although he is the maknae. Before debuting in 2pm, he became the dance partner of Yoobin wonder girls. He likes cleaning that’s why he is called 2PM’s mommy. Wooyoung is a fanboy of 2AM’s Changmin,and he wanted to exchange him with Taecyeon. He passes out anywhere if he is drunk, his ideal woman is someone that plans for her family and child.

Someone family oriented and can take care of children. His sweetest moment is when he walks onto the stage. Junho once cried because people said he had plastic surgery to look like Rain but he didn’t.

2PM I’m Your Man 140911 Mnet M!Countdown Comeback Stage

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